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Hello everyone!

I am gonna start this journey now & I am so excited as well as nervous. Well I always wanted to do this but you know I was like Oh my God how i will be able to manage time and all, actually right now too I am like, what am I doing?Haha. And guess what, I made this account like 9 months ago but didn’t post anything,not even a single word. Oh God. I Know I am so lazy but I have to do this. Lol

I have tried to come out of my comfort zone. Awkward feelings aside, I thought that this might be quite a nice way for me to write whatever is in my mind you know.I will write a detailed post on this but for now I am looking forward to a great experience😊


10 things I am grateful for

“It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.”

September, 21 was world gratitude day and I decided to write some of things that I am really grateful for in my life. Gratitude is something that is very very important to make our lives easy and stress free. There are so many little things that we don’t focus on but actually we are blessed to have them. When I started making a list, trust me there were so many things that I wanted to include but because I had to make a list of just 10 things, I had to stop but I wrote them down in my diary and it feels so good. You feel lighter and happier so this is a practice that I am going to do on daily basis and I would totally want you guys to do the same because you’ll be happy at the end of the day.

Here are the top 10 things that I am grateful for:

1) First of all, I am really really grateful for life. If it’s not about life then what’s the purpose otherwise you know. To be able to breathe and to do what you want to do knowing that you’re alive, is something that makes you think about various other things and how blessed you are.

2) Then I am really really blessed to have loving parents. I love them so much like can’t imagine my life without them. They are the reason I am who I am today. They taught me everything and I am super grateful to have them in my life. I can’t achieve my goals without their support you know.

3) I am grateful for the work I do whether it is blogging or working with some amazing people. I love what I do, so I am really thankful for all the opportunities.

4) Happiness for me is something that is necessary in order to enjoy and be in the moment. We should never take happy moments in our lives for granted.

5) I am grateful to have friends with whom I can have nice and fun conversations with. Friends that make university bearable to be honest.

6) I am grateful for the fact that I can be better everyday. I can try to be a better human being everyday and that’s what keeps me going. Not everyday is the same day and i’m truly thankful to learn something everyday.

7) I think I am blessed to be able to write and influence others in whatever small way I can through my blog and this is something I love doing so much.

8) I love food and sleep and I get to eat good food everyday and sleep whenever I want to, so it’s surely a blessing that I am truly truly grateful for.

9) I am grateful for the peace in my life. I feel like Allah has given me everything like parents, siblings, home, peace of mind which is very very important for me so what else I need? People don’t have basic necessities and whenever I think about that I feel how much we neglect little things in our lives that we are blessed with on a daily basis.

10) Recently I realized I’m so grateful for being able to ‘take it easy‘ and not overwhelm myself with things that don’t matter.

When you talk about gratitude, so many things come to your mind but obviously these are just the 10 things and I am so grateful for all the other things as well like being nonchalant, nature lover, books, rain and for everything in my life.
I am not saying that I’m not greatful for all the opposites like sadness, fears, failures. because they are a part of life and they teach you so much so yes, I am thankful for all these things as well.

And to sum it all,

“Thank you God for everything in my life. The good and the bad. Some were blessings and some were lessons.”

Thank you for stopping by. XOXO


Mental Health Is No Joke

In today’s society, there are alot of people suffering from mental illness because bullying, sexual abuse, racial discrimination, religious discrimination are growing in today’s world. Mental illnesses are real and potentially life threatening and this is not a joke. Sad part about whole of this is that there’s not enough education regarding mental health.

Lately, I’ve noticed how mental health problems can be easily joked about. Numerous people throw around the word ‘depressed’ to describe boredom or dislike without realizing what depression actually is, or how it really feels. Not only this people try to act cool actually by just using this word or they can stoop very low that if somebody opens up about their battle of depression, they’d say ‘oh you’re doing this just to get fame’. I feel like people don’t understand what they are talking about and if you don’t know anything regarding mental health issues then please please stay quite because trust me you have no idea how badly it’ll effect the life of that person. Someone suffering from mental illness doesn’t want to hear jokes. They are trying to break the stigma and they want other people to talk about it as well you know. It’s very brave of them to come out in public and speak about their health which not many people can. Recently I’ve seen the case of popular singer, “Momina Mustehsan” aswell and how people were criticizing her just because she put up her picture and wrote about her battle with depression. I mean donot judge people specially those who have mental health issues because you never know what they’re going through, in such cases if you can’t say anything good then please don’t say anything.
Another thing I’ve seen is how people can easily label someone with names like “psycho”, “bipolar”, “schizo”, I mean I can’t stand this like how can be someone like this. They are meant to be hurtful due to the stigma that already surrounds them. It’s not as simple as it looks like, it’s way more complicated guys. These are all disorders and no joke, people really need to understand that.
It is important to spread awareness related to mental health but it is more important to tell people to spread kindness. I feel like we as human beings really need to concentrate on how we can help others you know rather than pointing flaws. Also it’s high time we start telling people what’s wrong is wrong, we shouldn’t keep quiet. This is the major reason critical issues like “mental illness” are not taken seriously.

Mindanos – The Food Chapter

We got some time free in university so we(me & my friends) decided to go try some new place. We ended up going to “Mindanos” which is located in F-6 markaz, Islamabad. They started this amazing restaurant few months ago so we had to try this and I am happy we did.


It’s located on first floor and once inside you’re greeted by the staff, who lead you inside the restaurant where your seating options can vary from the terrace to nice big chunky sofas. The greenery inside gives the place a serene feel. I really liked the ambiance, interior is so good and we went around 12 p.m so it wasn’t crowded at all.


Their menu is diverse, providing you with brakefast options to continental steaks, pizza, pastas and their famous ‘Molten Lasagna’. The prices are also reasonable.

We ordered Bolognese lasagna and Chicken Tikka Pizza, which was served within 25 minutes.

Bolognese Lasagna:


This didn’t disappoint, infact we all loved it because it wasn’t very heavy and cooked perfectly. The size was huge and more than enough for two persons. It was flavorful with right amount of spices and stuffing. If you are going to visit then I would totally recommend this to you!

Chicken Tikka Pizza:

Rs. 800 something


We ordered medium size pizza and it was good too and they served it hot but lasagna was the clear winner. It tasted good and was more than enough.

Overall I and my friends enjoyed the dining experience.

Their staff was fabulous and food was worth trying aswell. The freshness of food, lovely lovely ambiance and great staff, everything was spot on so I am going to give it full marks. My experience was great and I am definitely going there again. Also I still have to try their molten lasagna which is quite famous. I highly recommend this new restaurant to you, if you ever visit do let me know what do you think.

Food: 9/10

Ambiance: 9/10

Service: 9/10

Thank you for stopping by. xoxo

This Is The Life!

This is the life, you’d be disappointed, many times over.
The truth is, no matter how great your life may be, you’ll eventually deal with disappointments, setbacks, failures, and even loss and trauma. Everyone must face difficult situations, and everyone must come up with effective ways to deal with and bounce back from these situations. This is why coping is a vital human behavior, one that is necessary for successfully navigating through the challenging and often murky obstacle that is life.

I’m really really sensitive like highly sensitive but what I do is I act nonchalant. Using emotion focused strategy, that’s what it is, right?
I act as if I don’t care but the truth is I feel every thing way more than anybody else. Every word that comes out of your mouth, every single word, I feel that and I just don’t forget things easily. I don’t forget harsh behaviors or good one’s aswell. I am emotionally attached to so many things that it hurts. I feel like I have a disorder because I don’t show that I am very sensitive and whatever you said actually I felt it, I just can’t but i’ll cry and that too alone. I don’t show my emotions easily and you don’t even know how hard is it for me to control, to not cry in public, to not tell others what I am feeling. Sometimes I feel like i’m struggling alot which shouldn’t be the case. I should not hide what i am, but the truth is I don’t want to turn into an annoying person just because I feel too much you know. What if acting nonchalant is the only option? That’s how I am naturally. I can’t change it and I don’t want to change it but sometimes it’s very very difficult because you feel like you are the only one and rest of the world is laughing at you. People who are highly sensitive go through so much like “oh you’re overreacting”, “you cry alot” , “try to act normal” and this is traumatizing to be honest. Due to my nonchalant behavior, I don’t go through all this and a part of me is afraid that if I start showing up emotions, I will be a target too. It’s really complicated and confusing because I really don’t know how to give words to it but I just wanted to write something related to this because I wanted to know if there is someone else too who is highly sensitive and acts nonchalantly? Is that normal? Oh God, I am confused really.

But this is how life is you know. You have to do something in order to get inner peace because this world is a cruel cruel place to live. People will judge you for being too much emotional and for not showing emotions, but that’s how it is. It’s your life, you have your own fears just like I have mine, you get to choose what to do because it’s your life so why bother? This is something that keeps me going you know because I feel like if i’ll care too much about what’s going on around me then I will probably end up depressed and feel like I am being caged. So my friends all I am trying to say is, this is your life, right? No one shares it with you so why we don’t focus on it much, rather we focus on others. Look I talked about how showing emotions in public is not my kind of thing and that I have my own way to not overreact to things by being a nonchalant person but that isn’t something that I am because oversensitive people feel too much you know and it kind of gets complicated at times but I try as much as I can to not pay attention and to not bother. No matter how much we say, oh I don’t care! But deep down we feel that shit. We keep on trying to cope up with that.

What do you struggle most about in your life?

Thank you for stopping by. Xoxo


5 Brands that you can wear this Eid//Picked 5 Ready-To-Wear Outfits

Eid-ul-Azha is right around the corner and people are still searching for something to wear on Eid. And the exciting news is that I have specially picked the stitched outfits so that you can order online easily because only 2days are left so it’s nearly impossible to get something stitched you know. I know girls really want something that is comfortable yet stunning and mostly it’s a hard task to find what to wear. Don’t worry, I have got you covered! The Ready-To-Wear collection of these brands is trendy and everything from the fabric to all the detailing is perfect. So I have picked 5 favorite designer outfits for you all. Do let me know what are you wearing this Eid in the comments below.

1) Kayseria

First one has to be kayseria because their Eid collection is so so gorgeous. I have bought my Eid dress from here but I got unstitched one as I loved the print and embroidery. I will wear it on Eid so you have to check my Instagram stories. Lol. I have picked this one from the stitched collection because look at that printed shirt with gotta finishes. The stitching is done very neatly aswell. You can check their whole collection online.

2) Khaadi

Khaadi always comes with trendy and new designs that look stunning. This time too they have vast collection on their website and it was really difficult for me to choose. I have picked this trendy angrakha and I love the color and all the details. Stitching is done very nicely as well. So you definitely go check this one out.

3) Sapphire

Sapphire is the most loved brand in Pakistan and to be honest they never disappoint. I have picked this one because yellow is the color of this season and it looks so vibrant. Their unstitched collection is so so good but this one looks pretty too with that white embroidery on it. Make a fashion statement this Eid by pairing it with right accessories.

4) Beechtree

This brand is already a favorite of so many people. Their ready-to-wear collection is super beautiful. I have picked this one because firstly the color combination looks so good and secondly it’s fully embroidered. It’s simple yet so pretty.

5) BTW

Last but not least, this brand is really really cool. Their “back to school” collection is something to check out and now their Eid collection is also quite stunning. I have picked this one because it looks really comfy and looks pretty aswell.

Hope you guys will find this post helpful. Do let me know what you think in the comments below. What are you wearing this eid? I would love to know.

Thank you for stopping by. xoxo

Tayto Cafe Food Review

Happy weekend guys. Hope you all had an amazing day!♥

The fact that this is the first food review for this blog is really weird for me because as much as I love trying new restaurants, how come I have never thought about writing a review for the blog. Anyways you guys will be seeing more of this now. Haha. Okay so a week ago, I along with my friends went to Tayto as many people recommended it to me and it was on my ‘to try’ list. It’s a small cafe located in centaurus mall with a nice ambiance. It’s the talk of the Town lately so I had to try it out.

What We Ordered:

Their burgers are quite famous so we ordered their California crispy burger, chicken parmesan pasta and crispy chicken wrap.

California Crispy Burger

Price: Rs 589

They served within 15 minutes. The. California crispy burger was really really good. It had the right amount of sauce and patty was well cooked and juicy aswell. It was served with fries and saute veggies. You actually need to try this burger if you are a fan of good burgers.

Chicken Parmesan Pasta

Price: Rs 749

Coming to the parmesan pasta, it tasted so good. I love pasta like I can eat it in breakfast as well so I am yet to try a place which offers best pasta like perfect one but this one was also worth a try. Penne pasta cooked in white sauce was served with fried chicken breast topped with parmesan cheese and garlic bread roll. It was cooked well and served hot which is a plus point. Also serving was huge, more than enough for two people. Do give it a try if you ever visit Tayto.

Crispy Chicken Wrap

Price: 529

I didn’t try crispy chicken wrap because I was too full but my friend gave a thumbs up so yeah. Chucks of crispy fried chicken in a wrap were served with fries and saute veggies.

Overall it was a lovely experience and I am definitely going there again for burgers💁🍔

Food quality: 9/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Service: 8/10

Thankyou for stopping by!xoxo

No Filter With Faiza!

Hi everybody. Hope you guys are having a great sunday. I am feeling very very lazy or is that because it’s sunday?
Ok so i am very excited to share with you all the second story of “No filter me” series. Also thank you so much for showing so much love to this series, I still have to respond to more than 10 emails. So I am going to introduce you to a very kind person. Meet Faiza! She is a blogger based in London. She is 21 years old. She is a lifestyle vlogger and aspiring blogger. Her blog is all about skincare, home remedies and mental health. I will be providing the links to her social media so you can follow her there. Now without any further delay, read what her story is.


My name is Faiza Hussein, I go by faizablogs on twitter and YouTube as well as here on WordPress. And this is my story.
Until now, I’ve never truly expressed everything about myself in full detail to people and would love to do that. I’ve volunteered to share my story with the host because I want to inspire others to do the same.

I am from London and I lived there almost all my life. I am a recent graduate 👩‍🎓 who did a BA degree in education studies. My graduation ceremony is this October. Dates are confirmed.

I remember during my second semester of my second year at my university, {end of January 2017}, I was diagnosed with severe social anxiety and general anxiety disorder as well as mild depression. But before that, I always knew there was something wrong with me. I just didn’t know what it was until I plucked up enough courage to go to the doctors at my local GP surgery. It will be a year and seven months on the 27th of July since my official diagnosis.

Since my diagnosis I’ve struggled tremendously in terms of my physical health and my mental health disorders. I’ve experienced a lot of panic attacks, anxiety attacks, sleepless nights, lots of crying and a-lot of bad days not being able to get out of bed.
But I also have had a lot of positive things go on in my life. My life has been going downhill since my diagnosis but I can say there has been quite a bit of positivity despite my stressful university experience.

I feel that my life is in a bad place now that I’ve graduated. At least that is how I feel. I am scared of what life will bring me, of what I can do and where I can go.

All of my life, I was tied back to London and it was with good reason. But now……. I finished university, I am no longer tied back to London. And I can go anywhere and pursue what I want to do. Whatever that may be.
Now I am interested in doing a travel and tourism course abroad for January or May of 2019.

But I am scared of pursuing that in case life throws me in a different direction for the worst. I am also scared because my mental health normally affects me on a day to day basis in terms of doing basic tasks, making friends, meeting people.
For sure, it is a scary world out there. And I wouldn’t know what I would do without the help of the people in my life who I would consider amazing. They are great for giving advice and making suggestions.

But I need to make my own way in life. And that means, I need to stretch my wings and fly my course away from the nest.
Thank you for reading and I hope you have gotten to know me that little extra bit.
You can follow her at:
Twitter – Personal
Twitter – Page

That’s all. Thank you so much Faiza for sharing this with us!

I really hope all of you guys loved it.


If you want to share your story, feel free to email me at usranaeem1997@gmail.com

I would love to feature you. I have no requirements. I’m going to try to introduce you all with all kinds of interesting people. This is the first series that I planned for the blog and I’m really excited to share them all with you.


Life with filters look beautiful but all the efforts and behind the scenes makes it all worth it.
Thank you for reading. XOXO.


“10 Questions with Sanam Maher”

Journalist and Author Sanam Maher’s latest read that is based on the life of Late social media sensation, Qandeel Baloch is quite a hit among readers and is creating waves not only in Pakistan but across the globe.
With all the news reports, tv shows and documentaries, many of us feel that we already know Qandeel’s story but trust me you have to read this book to get the real picture. She wrote about who Qandeel was and it wasn’t easy for her, she met Qandeel’s family and visited places like Dera Ghazi Khan, Multan, Lahore. She got criticized as well but she didn’t stop and now her book is labeled as “Incredible work” and got recognition internationally. I wanted to interview her and she was so kind that she didn’t refuse, which shows how humble she is despite all the fame. I really love her approach to work. Now without any further delay, read what she says.

Q-1) First of all big big congratulations on the success of your first ever book & secondly I want you to tell the readers that what made you write this book?

Thank you!

In July 2016, a piece I’d written for Al Jazeera went viral, and I was approached by a few publishing houses who were interested in my work and wanted to discuss a possible book. We threw a couple of ideas back and forth, and then just a couple of days later, news broke of Qandeel’s murder.

The first time I heard about Qandeel was in the newsroom, when a couple of guys who worked at the desk with me were talking about her viral “How I’m looking?” video. They were snickering over some of her photographs on Facebook, and I looked her up. The little that I did see led me to want to do a story – I thought the piece would look at how young women are using platforms like Facebook and Instagram to push the envelope on how they can dress, speak or present themselves in Pakistan. I’ve long maintained a fascination with what we as Pakistanis do on social media and I thought Qandeel would be a great person to focus on for a piece exploring this. The piece was never written. It was lost somewhere between deadlines and switching jobs, but the idea stayed with me, and I told myself I’d have time to do it later, to meet her later and to find others like her.

I remember staring at the television the day news of Qandeel’s murder broke, and feeling stunned. I didn’t want to let go of her story once again, and immediately, the idea of this woman who had managed to fool all of us – her audience and the media – and who had created this persona that we had bought into wholesale took root. I admired her gumption and the courage it must have taken to create the persona that she did.

Then, in the hours and days after, it was terrible to see the reactions online from many Pakistanis who were very happy that she had been “punished” for behaving the way that she did. I saw acquaintances in my own social media feeds having arguments about whether what had happened was right or wrong, whether Qandeel “deserved” what had been done to her. “Offline”, many of the men and women I knew were condemning Qandeel’s death but then, in the next breath, following their statements with “… but if you think about it…”

It was a moment when I was seeing friends and family members draw a line and very firmly position themselves on either side, and I think the last time I’d seen something like that happen – a moment that calls for definition or clarity on the question of how we see ourselves as Pakistanis and what we hope for or believe we deserve – was when Salmaan Taseer was shot and killed in 2011. The reactions to Qandeel’s murder have revealed two very different answers to the question of what it means to be Pakistani, and more crucially, what it means to be a woman living in Pakistan today. And this definition is not static, but ever evolving, depending on who you’re talking to. I wanted to tell a story not just about Qandeel, but about that moment and that definition. I knew that this book wasn’t just about Qandeel, but about the kind of place that enabled her to become who she did, and the place that ultimately found that it could not tolerate her.

Q-2) Qandeel was laughed at when she was alive, but now things are pretty much in her favor, mostly because of the drama “Baaghi” based on her life. Were you inspired by that drama & then started writing or this idea of writing on her life came before that?

No, I worked on this independently of the TV show.

Q-3) What were the challenges that you faced while working on this book?

Something that I struggled with initially was that while of course everything I was learning about Qandeel in the interviews I did was secondhand information, there was the added problem of this information having been repeated so many times – particularly when it came to the principal “characters” in her life, such as her manager Mec or her parents – as they had been interviewed so many times, and continued to be, for news stories or documentaries on Qandeel. Qandeel passed away in July, and I started meeting these people two months later. By then,they almost seemed to follow a script each time for what they wanted to say. Their information was now coloured by feelings of grief or guilt or wanting to come across a certain way in media coverage, or understanding that certain things they said would help them stay in the limelight and keep the media interested in the story.

Initially, I felt handicapped by this, by being unable to check any information with Qandeel. But then I realised that even if I had met Qandeel or had the chance to interview her, it probably would not have helped my understanding of her very much. Qandeel was a chameleon, and she presented differentparts of herself to different people. She knew how to deal with the media and reporters, and I would have only been able to see a sliver of her self if she had spoken with me. At the end of the day, every appearance, video, interview, tweet or Facebook post was her in character, and theres no way to extract the ‘real’ story or ‘the truth’ of her life story. That was whatever she wanted it to be and it suited her purposes.

Q-4) How do you deal with criticism?

It depends, both on the nature of the critique and the kind of day I’m having. The people who mindlessly message me hateful things, I ignore. For those who review my work or message me with feedback or critique: there are some days when I’m able to take it on board and understand what they’re saying and incorporate the feedback into future work, and then there are days when I’m struggling with writer’s block or I don’t feel like reading a review and I’ll shelve it for another day. I’m very lucky that the reviews so far have been positive. The things that catch me off guard are the unkind messages that people will sometimes send on my social media platforms.

Q-5) This book is more like a story rather than a biography & Arshad Khan, of the chai wala fame, is also covered in the book. Why?

The book doesn’t just focus on Qandeel. It tells her story, but also uses each part of her life in order to open up into a story about Pakistan at this particular moment. For instance, when looking at Qandeel’s fame as a viral star, I began to think about how my generation of Pakistanis has been connected to the world like never before – what are we doing online? What does it mean to go viral in Pakistan? How are we building communities online in order to speak in ways that we may not be able to “offline”? What happens when we behave in a way onlinethat seems to break the rules of how we are supposed to behave, particularly as women, “in the real world”? In exploring these ideas, I met with Arshad Khan aka the Chaiwallah, as well as the men and women who are trying to patrol our activities online and monitor and censor us, and others who are determined to keep us safer and more vocal online – particularly in the case of women and marginalized or minority communities. That meant meeting everyone from trolls and hacktivists to Nighat Dad, the creator of Pakistan’s first cyber harassment hotline.

Q-6) What is the one thing that you love about this book? If youhave to choose just one thing?

I love that it gave me the opportunity to learn so much so fast. The learning curve on this was steep, and drove me crazy, but that’s an experience that I’ll always be grateful for. This was my first crime story, first intense investigative piece, first project with such a wide scope… as I said, a very steep learning curve, and a really tight deadline to get it all done.

Q-7) I’m sure you’ve gone through difficulties while writing but can you please share the most difficult part about writing this book?

I think initially a hurdle that I found very difficult to get past was the question of what the work would mean and what I wanted to do. This was a story that was being covered by every reporter I knew, there were journalists from all over the world focusing on the story, there were film and TV projects and documentaries planned on it – what did I have to add to this conversation about Qandeel? The medium I had – a book – was also tricky. Would people want to read more about Qandeel, beyond an article or a longform piece? After the TV show, the documentaries, the stories, would people still be interested in picking up a non-fiction work on her? That was something I worried about up until the day the book came out.

Q-8) What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Read! I cannot emphasise this enough. I’m always surprised by people who message me on social media asking for advice on being a writer, and when I say this, they often say they find it hard to focus on books or newspapers or find it difficult to maintain the habit of reading. Read as much as you can, as widely as you can.

Q-9) Describe yourself in 3 words?




Q-10) And last but not the least, we all want to know what are you planning to do next? Another book or what?

I hope there’s another book in the future – for now, I just have ideas for this and its really great to be in the early stages of planning without the anxiety of a deadline or publishers or editors involved. I’m back to work and freelancing, so you should see more regular stories from me soon.

Thankyou so much Sanam for taking out time for my blog and for answering every question in detail.

I would totally recommend this book, read it and do let me know what are your thoughts on it💜

Thank you for reading. xoxo

No Filter With Zoha

Starting off a new series on the blog “No Filter Me” where you will get to read different stories without filters. I will be featuring different people who will be sharing their life story including struggles, it’s more like a behind the scenes story which we don’t get to share and see on social media because everyone has a story to tell. You will surely be inspired, I wrote about it in detail here if you’d like to read it.

For the first feature of this series that I’m super excited about, I’m going to introduce you to Zoha. She started writing when she was just 14 years old and now she’s 19 and a student of English literature. She is quite famous on Instagram as well, as ofbrownhuesanddarkeyes where she writes her heart out. Also you need to check her blog too. I love how she expresses her self, truly inspirational that is why I wanted to feature her first and she was kind enough to write for me because taking your time out for something like this is not everyone can do. She writes some amazing poetry aswell. Written works have the ability to make us feel. They make us want to believe, be inspired and live vicariously through the stories on the page. Her poetry provide the kind of emotional connection to the written word that few can and let me tell you that she is the finalist of “Pakistan Poetry Slam”, Yes you read that right and also her work got published in a webzine as well. I cannot wait to share her story without any filters, so without any further delay, let’s go!

I think the biggest struggle I’ve gone through in life so far is believing in myself and my decisions; believing that I am good enough. And all other struggles root out of it, my perfectionism and procrastination. I have recently been struggling with putting my work out there on Instagram which I loved to do previously because I don’t feel like whatever it is that I’m creating these days is good enough to post it out there. I have been low on energy as well. I even overthink because of this. I overthink a lot to an extent that there are days I don’t have anything at the end of the day but unresolved thoughts even after hours of figuring them out.

Let’s be honest, we all have been there. We have all been guilty of overthinking. We have made decisions that we aren’t proud of for these reasons. But if you look at the bigger picture, all of these things won’t matter in a few years. A really close friend, who’s always one of the strongest women I know, once told me this little hack which actually helps me through such moments: Whatever it is that you’re fretting over now; if you knew this was the last day of your life, would it still matter? This little question can answer all your concerns and how insignificant they are. It helps you prioritize the things that actually matter over those which don’t.

Other than that, I would just say that it’s okay. Everything’s okay if you believe so. Allow yourself to take a break.

That’s all. Thank you so much Zoha for sharing this with us!

I really hope all of you guys loved it.


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Life with filters look beautiful but all the efforts and behind the scenes makes it all worth it.

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2 a.m thoughts!

It’s exactly 2:10 on the clock and here I can’t sleep because it’s raining outside. I love love love rain, specially the soothing sound of it. It’s one of the things that make me happy so i’m awake, listening to the sound of the rain. I am just writing whatever is coming in my mind so please don’t judge. When I started this blog, I didn’t want to publish any post because I used to be scared to share it with other people. Now when I look back, I ask myself a question, “what was I scared of?” I mean just look how far I’ve come. Coming out of your comfort zone is not an easy job, it takes alot of courage but that makes it all worth it you know. You realize that these big, scary things aren’t so big and scary once you’ve gone through them. Nothing is impossible, all it takes to make it possible is you never giving up like never ever. Keep questioning yourself and the things around you, you’ll find happiness and peace in the things you think you never will. One’s perception also changes with time, at least that’s what I think. If you liked a book you read few years back, it doesn’t mean you will like it now as well. I don’t know about you all but that’s the case with me. You change alot in terms of what you like, what you want to be and what do you think about other people. Sometimes you care alot about your friends and sometimes you don’t care, you don’t make any effort. Life is just that you know, continuous process of change and evolution. I read it somewhere and I find it so relatable,

” The truth is that life doesn’t get easier, you get smarter

This is so true, I mean you are still struggling but you are happy as you know how to deal with it. Life gets easier when you get better. Better at dealing people, better at maintaining a balance in your work life, finding time to relax, better at accepting your flaws and knowing yourself, better at ignoring negativity and better at accepting what is coming your way. And more you do it, the more you learn how to do it. The better you become.
These are all the thoughts that are coming into my mind right now and I feel like how great it would be to accept whatever is coming our way rather than just complaining and comparing you know. Most importantly life is meant for love: doing what you love, being what you love and falling in love every day with your family, friends etc. If you are not able to love something, you won’t be able to do it. You have to be in love with everything but to be honest I love it all. My strengths, my weaknesses, my insecurities, whatever I do. I am a lazy person but I love it. Yes I don’t like certain things and that’s how it is, you gotta accept everything and love it because that’s the truth you need to accept. You don’t have to fake things, just be your true self and you will be more happy and life will be peaceful. Oh and it’s still raining but I gotta sleep now because I feel like I won’t be able to type anything now, tired.

Thank you for reading! xoxo