Hello World!

Hello everyone!

I am gonna start this journey now & I am so excited as well as nervous. Well I always wanted to do this but you know I was like Oh my God how i will be able to manage time and all, actually right now too I am like, what am I doing?Haha. And guess what, I made this account like 9 months ago but didn’t post anything,not even a single word. Oh God. I Know I am so lazy but I have to do this. Lol

I have tried to come out of my comfort zone. Awkward feelings aside, I thought that this might be quite a nice way for me to write whatever is in my mind you know.I will write a detailed post on this but for now I am looking forward to a great experience😊

Grateful Heart.

I woke up a little earlier today and everything felt nice, maybe because the weather was so good, I don’t wake up like that every day.
So, I decided to write what I am thinking these days. I am just feeling so thankful, fully content with what I have even in a time like this. I know it’s a time of uncertainty and fear. I know there are people who are out of jobs and people who are getting sick. But I also know that, as strange as it is to say, there are still lots of things to be thankful for – the general things. Food, home, friends, family and most importantly peace of mind.

Are things perfect?  No.
Are there things that I wish were different?  Of course there are always things that we might seek or desire to change, or would like to create.

“I wake up every day and I think, ‘I’m breathing! It’s a good day.” Eve Ensler

There are lots of tough things going on side by side but to be able to do whatever I can makes me feel so good. By tough, I mean it’s my last semester, just few days more to go and I will graduate. No farewell. No final goodbyes. Nothing. Oh God the thought of it all makes me sad. I mean how unlucky we are and how unusual this all is. So it’s not that everything is fine and there’s no stress that’s why I feel happy. Not going to talk about the stress as I am struggling to meet deadlines and still ignoring it all, not going to talk about it.
Just wanted to share it to give an idea that not everything will be okay. There will be good things and bad things, all you have to do is to make yourself realize that what’s happening will continue to happen, you can’t do anything about. There’s no option, you have to accept it and when you come to terms with it, things feel easier and you will get time to focus on good things. This whole Quarantine situation made me realize how privileged I am and how little my problems are. What’s happening in the world is much more than what we can imagine. I can’t go out, meet my friends but on the other I can read, cook, talk and discuss things with my parents. The good thing that’s happened lately is that I have started appreciating small things more like reading a book while it’s raining, plants, making a cup of tea, seeing sunset from gallery and clicking a picture of it every day. Nothing feels like a burden now. I am going with the flow. I am a nonchalant person naturally and I am thankful for it in a good way because I don’t let things get to my head, good or bad. I just go with the flow, living in the present.
This is how I am but I know so many of you won’t be able to relate to this because in the last semester, things get tough usually and now with online classes, meeting deadlines is actually not easy. My friends feel stressed. It’s natural. To balance it all, I focus on the positives of my life and you instantly feel good. I feel grateful every time I think about how I am living this beautiful life even during a pandemic. Accepting the way life is in the moment.

When we’re worried or anxious about situations or events, or even the stress that is just created with our thinking, it’s easy to forget how incredible it is just to have the gift of the day ahead. Nothing can help you in tough times as much as being grateful can and for that you have to shift your focus, analyze your situation by making small changes every day to your daily routine. Whatever your condition or situation, you have the choice to be thankful or ungrateful. Which are you choosing?

So, to release the stress and focus on the good things just to feel better, I have a little activity for you. It will help you if you are feeling stressed out currently. I forgot where I read about it but this is what I do to make myself feel better and it has helped me a lot.

Write down these in your diary/notebook/phone, basically whatever is convenient for you:

  • A person in your life you are grateful for.
  • Something in your life that is going well that you are grateful for.
  • A gift in a challenge you are facing right now.
  • Gratitude for something about yourself.

Remind yourself that things will be okay soon. Count your blessings because there is always, always something to be thankful for.

Truly grateful. Even in difficult times, gratitude can help us see the good things.

Love and light.


Don’t spread chaos | Educate yourself

“worry about your own country & it’s matters before worrying about other” is the dumbest thing I’ve seen on internet lately. To relate one important issue with the other is such a problematic thing and to think you are being very intelligent by pointing out that? Oh God I’ve seen that. If somebody didn’t speak about an issue at that time, it doesn’t mean he/she can’t speak now.

It’s just the matter of empathy. You don’t need to have all the information, just showing support towards something right and educating yourself about it is how it should be. That man was murdered brutally and he was black and the least you can do is to say it was wrong and contribute whatever little you can to the movement. That’s it.

Not “oh these people don’t speak about national issues” – Only Pakistan doesn’t come in the category when I say EMPATHY. It applies globally beyond borders, religion, race or culture. Speaking about one issue doesn’t mean that I am saying no other issue is as important as this or I shouldn’t speak about the issues of my country. If you think like that then I can only suggest you to not comment and be respectful.

Now coming to the national issues, yes it’s definitely as important as speaking about this issue or even more important but it isn’t the excuse to not talk now. Past is history. But please be woke now. We all don’t have enough information, we all are learning about it everyday – at least I didn’t know how worst things are. Yes Racism exists in Pakistan also.

So putting up a black picture has nothing to do with the fact that I don’t stand in solidarity with the people of Kashmir or I am not the part of the society where being black is considered a shame, where marriages have alot to do with the fact that the girl should be white, caste and all of that. But again that shouldn’t stop you to take part in this movement. You shouldn’t comment all the crap on those posts (blackouttuesday), you are only showing how ignorant you are.

Also people commenting on every post and saying “All lives matter”
Oh yes they definitely do but this time the issue is about black lives so can you please stop ruining every cause? Can you please this time stop? You are just questioning a movement as if it’s wrong as if we all are saying that all lives don’t matter only black lives matter? This time it’s about black lives. We should talk about every important issue but please don’t mix all of this. Don’t spread chaos because there’s already confusion everywhere.

Supporting one movement and not supporting the other is completely a personal choice but relating one movement with the other is completely wrong. Educate yourself before you point at something you have zero knowledge about and thinking that maybe you are a philosopher or something.

And please please don’t comment – “What will this blank picture do”
You aren’t in the favor of posting it? Great. Don’t be critical about everything. Don’t comment. That’s even better. 


Easy Home Made Donuts| Recipe 🍩

Hi guys. Hope everyone is doing fine. Since we are all at our homes due to all this lockdown situation and everybody is doing something to cope up with the stress and all. I’ve been trying new recipes lately so I made donuts last night and I knew people would ask for recipe so I thought I should share here. It’s pretty easy and simple recipe so let’s start.
Note: I made 12 donuts using this quantity. You can increase or decrease the quantity accordingly.

(For dough)

• Flour                            2 cups
• Powdered sugar        2 Tablespoons
• Egg                              1
• Butter                         1/2 cup
• Yeast                          2 teaspoons
• Milk                             1/2 cup

(For chocolate sauce)

• Milk             1/2 cup
• Water          1/4 cup
• Cocoa powder (use chocolate if it’s available)      4 tablespoons
• Cream         4 tablespoons
• Sugar          6 tablespoons

Step 1
Mix the flour and sugar. Take the melted butter + one egg and put them in the mixture. Now mix it all using a spatula. On the other hand, take 2/4 cup of milk and boil it a little, add 2 teaspoon of yeast in it and mix it very well. Using this, mix the batter and make dough. It will get really sticky so all you have to do is put some oil on your fingers and on the batter and it will not stick. Your dough is ready, now put it in air tight bowl and place it in a warm place (cabinet or oven) for 3 hours at least.

Step 2
After 3 hours, take the dough and start making donuts like this. ⬇

Step 3

Now it’s time to fry them in oil. I directly did this step but if you have time, then leave them for half an hour and then fry. Heat the oil first and then slow down the temperature so that donuts will be cooked perfectly from inside.

Step 4
Now prepare the chocolate sauce for topping. I used cocoa powder because Chocolate wasn’t available but if you have any chocolate use it. Put milk + water + cocoa powder + cream in a pan and boil it until the mixture thickens and doesn’t feels like a liquid. Set aside and let it cool.

Step 5
Now take each donut and put the upper side in the chocolate sauce and decorate it as you want. I had some chocolate chips at home which I sprinkled. You can use sprinkles and condensed milk to make them look even better.

Wohooo you are done now. Enjoy and do let me know if you ever make them.
🍩 worry. Be Happy.

Sending you all lotsa love 💗

Get Ready With Me!

Note: I don’t know why this post didn’t get publish on time like i saved it properly & I just saw that it’s still pending but anyways I’m still going to publish it so while reading keep it in mind that I wrote it 4 days ago and it didn’t get publish. Thank you.

This Get ready with me isn’t about what to wear on Eid, I mean not a style post (just wanted to clear that).
So okay basically, I always always get excited for Eid and it has alot to do with the fact that I get to spend it with my family, my mother who I can’t get bored with, my father and definitely my siblings who provide unlimited entertainment 24/7 but I know most people don’t feel as much excited as I do because maybe they’ve lost someone, going through a tough phase in their life or maybe generally and it’s completely fine. To all of you struggling with something, I hope you’ll never give up because better days exist. Hang in there 

Every year i look forward to this day. I make sure that this isn’t another day because it’s a special day. This time due to Covid19, Eid will be different but there’s no point that it shouldn’t be special. If you don’t want to buy new clothes, don’t buy but wear clean fresh clothes and get dressed as it’s a Sunnah. I’m going to talk about this in this post later.  Make it special by staying at home, enjoying food with family and talking about everything with them. Take this as an opportunity to make everyone around you feel happy by doing something little for them.
At out home, my mother always starts preparing for Eid and then we all follow like she’s on a cleaning spree these days just to get in the mood of celebration you know. So I thought of doing a post that will help you to start getting excited for Eid because It’s not meant to be boring or for sleeping.

1st step:

First things first. Start with cleaning your house. We all have our tasks divided so I’ll be cleaning kitchen today which I might post stories about on Instagram. I’ve never enjoyed cleaning as much as I do now because i’m very lazy and like to procrastinate alot. So excited to clean everything for Eid. I guess I’m a changed person now which my mother is very happy about. From cleaning rooms to kitchen to cleaning and organizing cupboards, you have to clean everything deeply. Start making a list now. First what you have to do is to clean everything. I’m not going to properly tell you where to start because everyone has their own preferences so start with something you think needs to be cleaned first.

2nd step:

Now that everything is cleaned, focus on your self. I’ve never been a skincare person, not into it at all but this time my sister just motivated me to make a face mask with easily available ingredients at home. Again you can do whatever you want to feel good. People do alot of stuff actually so I’m really sorry if you are disappointed after reading this. Hahaha.

3rd step:

If you have bought Eid clothes that’s good, if you haven’t that’s good too. All you need to do this search your closet and find that outfit you want to wear on Eid. Wash it, iron it and be excited to wear it again. Wohooo you’ll feel happy about it because not many people wear new clothes on Eid so it’s not a big deal. It’s so cool to wear old clothes but my only purpose is that you should feel excited and happy about it. Now that you’ve figured it out, find the shoes & jewelry and Tadaa you’re done.

4rth step:

Plan to cook something for your family this Eid and maybe for your neighbors too. It can be a sweet dish or something you like but just plan it out with your mother and do groceries for it. Make a list of the things to make it easier.

So okay this is what I am doing these days and what’s going on in our house. Tell me in the comments how are you preparing for Eid.
Also the most important thing is that just 3 days left including today’s and Ramzan will be over  So make use of these days and nights the most and do alot of ibaadat. Don’t just focus on preparing for Eid. Make alot of duas because this time will never come again. Do these things step by step but do ibaadat before these and if you don’t get time to do all of this, it’s completely fine. Don’t go hard on yourself. All that matters right now is that how you are making the most use of this precious time. May Allah accept everyone’s Ibaadat and Grant us all Maghfirah. Ameen Ameen.
Be excited because Eid is a gift from Allah. You should get ready not because you have to go out but because it’s Sunnah. (Just putting this here because really fed up with all the questions like, you guys will get ready for Eid?). I know the situation around us is very critical but all we can do is to pray, pray and stay at homes. So this Eid shouldn’t be stressful or depressing just because you are staying at home. We all are sad about the fact that people are dying and are infected by this virus but a little effort for your family and for yourself won’t cost you anything but will make you happy as you will be making it easier for yourself and for the people around you. So okay go start now ⭐

Sending you all lots and lots of love.

Being Twenty-three!

Being twenty-three.

“You’re smart enough to make good decisions, but dumb enough to keep making bad ones.” Twenty three in a nutshell. How lovely it sounds.

And just like that I’m an year older, not sure about the wiser part though. Haha. I don’t know why but I feel like suddenly I’ve aged so much like I’m a 40 years old woman or something (just kidding). This is exactly how I felt when I turned 22 so not a big deal I guess because eventually I’m growing old, I can’t stop that and I don’t want to stop that. Things doesn’t end when you are twenty-three so stop being guilty of not doing as much as you should (just a reminder for me actually). Life gets better, it’s just the beginning. Yes it’s complicated as being an adult and still feeling like a college kid is a bit confusing, no?

It’s confusing because you’re not the person you thought you’d be, five years ago at age 18 when 23 seemed tremendously old. And when you think about the person you’ll be five years from now, you know based upon this experience, that it’s not going to match. You still don’t have an idea about what you are doing. You thought that by the time I’ll turn 23, I will be graduated, doing a good job and have figured out my life by then but truth is now that you have turned 23, you realize that you still don’t know what you are doing. You still aren’t graduated, no job and figuring out life? Oh God no. no please.

One day you feel on top of the world, like you’ve finally figured it out. The next day, you’re back down, scrambling, wondering how you fell so fast.

I feel like I can never figure out life or plan things so that they happen at a certain time period. No. I can’t. There’s always a right time for everything to fall into place and I don’t know when that will be but it’ll come. I will be graduated, doing that job and being just me. There’s not an end to possibilities when you’re alive. So for now I’m alive, I won’t stop trying. I have to go with the flow and eventually I’ll get there.

Every age has it’s own milestones you know. You learn and evolve with each passing year. Learning doesn’t stop.

So I hope this year will bring alot of love, happiness and positivity and hopefully this Covid19 will end soon and we will be living a normal life again Insha Allah.

23 is confusing but this is just the beginning, good times are ahead Insha Allah. Remember that always.

Also no need to figure out life, it’s okay. Just go with the flow and let things happen. You are in a good place 💗

Mental Health in times of COVID’19

I see alot of influencers talk about what should we do not to get bored but I think boredom is not the major concern & it shouldn’t be. There are major concerns such as health, economy, poverty & mental health. There are alot of people suffering from mental illness and to know how their life has been impacted by this crisis, I talked with some of the people who I know & i’m going to share what they feel about all this but before that I just want to quickly say that mental health is something that can’t be ignored for a longer period of time, you have to pay attention to it eventually so please take care of yourself & the people around you. Be kind, that’s all what matters.
These are tough times & for some people staying home is like a therapy they needed while for some people, they feel trapped & need to go out. My friend who suffers from anxiety told me that she can’t handle all the extra information on the internet so it’s very hard for her to actually not pay attention to what all the people are posting.

I know most of us are privileged in a sense that we get to spend more time with our family & to do stuff that we always wanted to do but couldn’t because of less time – now that we have a lot of time, we can do all that. Not talking about being productive at all, I can’t be productive all the time so I know it’s totally normal. You shouldn’t do things that feel like a burden, relax. That’s it.

Ok so coming to the point, I’m going to share some tips that will help you if you are suffering from any mental illness & it’s hard for you to stay at home.

First and foremost is to take some time off social media. Don’t spend 24/7 scrolling through posts as it leads to stress. Monitor your time spend on social media.

– Reading. Grab a book and read whatever little you can to divert your attention. If you aren’t a reader, start reading one or two pages just to focus on something other than your thoughts.

– Nature. You aren’t allowed to go outside your home but you are allowed to breathe fresh air so go to your balcony, backyard, rooftop, an open area & spend some time there. Focus on the trees, flowers.

– Exercise. Not everyone loves exercising but now that you have alot of time, whenever you feel depressed, just start with something minimum as walking. It’ll help you relax.

– Clean up and de-clutter your life, your space, your laptop etc
– Stay connected. Everyone is going to feel a little isolated here and there, stave that off by reaching out to your friends and family over the phone or by video call.  It’ll not only help you but also them and it’s important to stick together through this.

– Different people find different things thearupatic such as cooking, cleaning, painting. Do the things you love, one at a time and spend time enjoying it.

– Pray. Be grateful and pray as much as you can.
– Last but not the least, don’t put burden on yourself of not doing something. If you are not having that feeling of doing something, don’t push yourself. It’s okay to stay on that couch for as long as you want but just constantly remind yourself that things will be okay. Don’t overanalyze situations.

So yes that’s pretty much it. I hope y’all are safe and doing good. Eat well, get good sleep and take care of yourself and the people around you. I hope and pray that this whole stressful situation ends soon. 💗🌻💗

How are you dealing with the current situation?

Living the Quarantine life!

I can’t believe i’m back after 3 months, back again at the time of COVID’19 and writing about quarantine life. Woah. Well actually when I feel uncreative and blocked which I’ve talked about before as well, I don’t force myself to create content and write because then I know that it will feel like a burden and I won’t be able to enjoy the process so as far as I am concerned, I accept the fact that I need a break and that I am unable to write, read. I don’t do it intentionally like okay I’ve been doing this for a while, let’s take a break. No. That’s not me. It happens and I allow that to happen because sometimes you need to sit behind and just let it go. Anyways, this is why I wasn’t active here. No new year post, nothing but it’s okay because that’s how I work. I don’t force things.

Coming to quarantine life, the situation due to Covid’19 is horrible around the globe. All we can do is pray that this ends very soon. Stay home and stay safe. There’s still light at the end of the tunnel. And if you woke up alive and healthy today, be grateful because it could be a lot worse. It’s been more than 20 days since I am home as university got closed and online classes started which by the way was a TORTURE and I am so grateful it’s over now. I didn’t listen to any voice note that my teachers used to send but you know it gives you anxiety so I am thankful that the torture of online classes is over now and now the university is closed till 31st may and this time period will be considered as summer vacations. So basically I’ve plenty of time to write, read or do whatever I want. I was thinking of doing something and it just occurred to me that why am I not writing, that’s when I downloaded the app again and here I am. I am going to upload what I’m doing these days and some book recommendations for all of you. So do let me know if you want me to share something else too in the comments below.

Take precautionary measurements and stay safe you guys. Stay home, do not panic, just know that this is the need of the hour & this is the only way to be safe. We are privileged that we are staying in our home, eating whatever we want & doing whatever we like so pray for those who don’t have basic necessities of life and help in whatever little way you can. Let’s make difference together. Let’s take care of people around us 💗

Miss Rose Cosmetics Review!

Hi guys. I am going to review some products from a local and very affordable brand which is Miss rose cosmetics. But before that let me tell you that creative block is a thing and I’ve been experiencing it for quite a while now and I just didn’t want to write any post or review anything. I was delaying everything, you guys are reading this post because I had to force myself to do it because it was pending for so long so I have quite a few ideas for what I am going to post from now on so you might see me posting a lot (by that I mean I don’t post that much) so 3,4 posts will be a lot for me.
So yeah today I am going to review Miss Rose cosmetics liquid lipsticks and eye shadow pallet for you guys because there is so much hype about this brand as it is quite affordable.
First I am going to show you how the liquid lipsticks look. They have made different sets on their page from where you can choose which shades you want. So I chose set A which included these pretty shades, they are more on the nude and pink side and perfect for this season.



These are very matte so if you like some shine then don’t buy these. These are very easy to apply but the formula dries after sometime and is long lasting not very but better than many.


Now coming to this eye shadow palette, for this too there are different shades that you can buy. I chose this one which included 12 matte shades and 6 glitters. I haven’t used this one like all the shades so I can’t review it in detail but it’s very pigmented just like any other drugstore product and I think I am going to like it.

So that’s it. I hope you guys like it and also I have made an Igtv video as well so you can go to my Instagram and check it out.

Thank you for stopping by. Xoxo.

Little Things That Inspire Me!

When it comes to inspiration, it is a subjective thing for everyone. Every one gets inspired by things differently. It is not necessary that the things that inspire me might inspire you as well because everyone has it’s own way of looking at things. Inspiration for me is very personal and I get inspired by little things more than bigger ones, not that they don’t matter but it’s just the way how I look at things. A little kind gesture by someone would inspire me more. Similarly nature inspires me. Inspiration isn’t something that can be forced, it has to flow from within. This year, I felt uninspired mostly. I didn’t want to write. I didn’t want to post anything on Instagram because I thought it’s all useless. I didn’t want to do anything. I am still struggling with that but I feel like it’s necessary to feel that way in order to grow in a way that will result in beautiful concepts, creations and manifestations. Inspiration can come to you from unexpected places or it is consistent small things that become inspirational. In the end, no matter where your inspiration comes from, remember to enjoy small things in life, because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.

1) Nature

Most of ideas come to my mind when I am sitting alone watching the trees, good weather has alot to do with whatever I write or do, a peaceful walk, staring at mountains for longer period of time, sunsets, my heart starts to open up. This is what motivates and inspires me the most. If you ever feel uninspired, just go for a walk alone. Trust me that’ll work. There are times when you don’t want to put extra effort to feel inspired to do anything, you wait for things to fall into place but that takes much longer time than you think because I have been through this, but now if something clicks in my mind, I immediately write it down in my diary or on phone because I forget things easily.

2) Perseverance

We all know that life isn’t easy. It knocks us down but when people decide that they won’t let that stop them, when they pick themselves back up and move forward towards their dreams and goals – that’s inspiring!

3) Forgiveness

This is the quality that not many people have and it’s very hard to forgive and move on in life. I’ve seen people who are shattered from what the other person did to them but they learned to move on and forgive that person, that’s inspiring me for me. I don’t know how people do that because I believe it’s not something I can do but one thing I learned over a period of time is that as we age, things that we’ve done or that were done to us carry tremendous emotional weight. Let them go.

That is all. Share what inspires you in the comments section below!

Thank you for stopping by. xoxo

Make Your Mental Health A Priority – World Mental Health Day!

There’s still alot of stigma attached with mental health specially in South Asian countries and growing up in a society where everyone thinks it’s a shame to be a victim of mental illness while knowing that brain is the most important part of our body. A society where people happily go to hospitals to fix their broken leg but would avoid if it’s for their mental health. I don’t know how many more years it will take to bring a change but I just can’t accept the fact that people still are so ignorant. Bringing change now is so much more important then it was before. Mental illness is the major cause of physical illness aswell. Feeling lost while trembling/losing control is so much worse than what you actually see. It’s a battle between mind and body which not everyone can conquer. This is the reason we need to talk about it and make mental illness a normal thing just like physical illness because it is actually normal but how painful it is to know that a person standing next to you is suffering from depression but he would not talk about it just because of the fear of judgment. This is the stigma that is associated with mental illness and this is what we need to break.
Feeling different emotions at the same time is ok or feeling nothing at all is ok. You just need to start accepting yourself and you just need to start taking care of yourself. Just focus on your thought patterns. Be aware of what you are going through and that is possible only if you’ll seek professional help. Go to a psychologist, take therapy, figure yourself out and eventually you will be able to fix your problems. Your mental health matters but most importantly you matter and without peace of mind, you are nothing so in order to be happy and healthy both mentally and physically, monitor your self. Talk with yourself and talk about what you feel. If there is something alarming related to your mental health, this is the right time to talk about it, share it, be more open about it. Nobody will judge you because everyone is fighting a battle that no one knows about and that is dangerous. You can’t fight it on your own, it will become worse. Going to a psychologist will make things easier for you. Just prioritize yourself.

As the world is celebrating “Mental health day” today to raise awareness and break the stigma, this is all I wanted to share. Basically what I wanted to say is, take care of yourself. Take care of your mental health.

Thank you for stopping by. XOXO