Hello World!

Hello everyone!

I am gonna start this journey now & I am so excited as well as nervous. Well I always wanted to do this but you know I was like Oh my God how i will be able to manage time and all, actually right now too I am like, what am I doing?Haha. And guess what, I made this account like 9 months ago but didn’t post anything,not even a single word. Oh God. I Know I am so lazy but I have to do this. Lol

I have tried to come out of my comfort zone. Awkward feelings aside, I thought that this might be quite a nice way for me to write whatever is in my mind you know.I will write a detailed post on this but for now I am looking forward to a great experience😊

Why I took a gap year (And you should too)

Just wanted to write something related to gap year because I know so many of you are stressed because of this and your grades. It’s very normal because at the same time your friends are starting their universities and they are moving on while you are stuck with no choice.

In 2015 I took a gap year before getting into University. I had no idea what to do or what to study so I decided to let it go. I wanted to take a break and I did. I am glad I made that decision. I am glad I took a gap year because it cleared so many things. I figured out what I am going to do next, I started blogging and I got to know that I can write, I did an internship at APS (school) for six months. I experienced so much in just one year that I think was necessary for me to get an idea about how things work. Now that I look back at my life, I remember that gap year as nothing but a happy year full of memories and many firsts. Allah’s plans are better for us and I realized that there’s nothing under my control, I can’t even do anything on my own. It’s just that I have to try and trust the process. If it turns out in my favor then that’s great and if it doesn’t, that’s even better. Now that I am about to graduate in less than one year, I feel this shouldn’t be a do or die situation for us. Yes getting education is very important but there’s not a time/age limit to it. Do it whenever you feel like doing it otherwise it’ll always feel like a burden. I hated studying in intermediate but now it’s not the same. I won’t say I love it but I know what to do and when to do it. I don’t study everyday, I study when my finals are going on and I score good. Grades don’t matter to me honestly. Don’t make this your life’s purpose. This year If you have taken a gap year you are going to love it. It’s not waste of time. You’ll discover yourself and that’s what is important.

I would recommend each and everyone of you to take a gap year if you are confused and stuck and going through a rough phase of your life. It’s okay. Trust Allah. Don’t rush things. Take your time and work on yourself.
Lots of love to all of you going through all this, it’s not easy but it’s definitely worth it.

Thank you for stopping by. XOXO

Living up to people’s expectations of you is not your duty!

Admiration and acceptance are two different things that people often confuse with each other. People can admire what you do or your potential but maybe they aren’t ready to accept the fact that you are happy and doing good for yourself. Some may feel jealous because currently you are feeling happy after a long time and there are people who would be happy to see you happy. Pleasing other people is like chasing a moving target. Everyone has different hopes for you. People’s approach towards you is different and you can do nothing about that. You can’t make everyone happy and you can’t do what they want. At the end of the day you need to be who you are so for that you have to make choices for yourself, choices that will lead you towards what you want. What people want from you shouldn’t be your concern. It’s not your duty. Do not let that bring you down in any way. Your duty is to maintain your peace of mind. Peace of mind is very precious and it’s up to you that how you feel at the end of the day. Your choices will define who you are and who you are going to become and that will affect people around you. Whatever people think about you, let them. Do yourself a favor and focus on what you want.
I hope you are able to tell the difference between those who accept you and those who are infatuated by your potential. Some are attracted by what you could be and some are ready to accept you for what you are currently.
Living up to people’s expectations of you is not your duty.

“I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.” ― Bruce Lee

Thank you for stopping by. XOXO

Happy Independence Day 🇵🇰

“Hum ley kar rahain ge azaadi”

This is what our elders chanted when they wanted freedom 72 years back & this is what Kashmir chants now.
It’s sickening to even think about how we got Independence because of what’s happening in Kashmir. My grandfather used to tell us stories of how Pakistan came into being & what’s happening in Kashmir seems like a part of it, people had to go through this & much more back then too. It’s just a cruel world that we live in but I’m so so grateful that we are living in Pakistan & I just pray that Kashmir gets freedom as soon as possible because honestly there’s too much going on there & nobody is doing anything for them. Where’s humanity at? This whole situation occurred 72 years ago as well & still is happening. People are dying but nobody cares. I have a feeling that Kashmir will get freedom very soon because Kashmir banay ga Pakistan. This is what Kashmiri people want.
Yes it’s hard to think about what our elders went through but I am so so grateful for today. This land is ours despite having flaws. We need to embrace that and work on the issues, we need to fix them by ourselves. No one not even UN will come for our help because they can’t even speak on Kashmir issue. Today is another day to be grateful, to remind us all that what actually Independence means. It’s a gift from Allah and we have to protect it from our enemies.

Let’s make a promise to contribute whatever little we can to make this country beautiful. Plant trees, avoid things that cause pollution, be the change you want to see in Pakistan. Start with yourself, your surroundings and eventually we will get there. Together we can do this!💚🇵🇰

Pakistan Zindabad.

Eid-Ul-Adha Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak everyone. This Eid is all about sacrifice and remembring poor and needy people. Distribute as much meat as you can to the people who can’t afford to eat meat all year. Bring joy and happiness in their lives because this is what Eid is for, to feed poor and needy. What better day than this to spread happiness and kindness all around. On this happy occasion, I pray that May Allah always guide us all to the path of righteousness. May there be peace everywhere in the world. I don’t feel like getting ready because of what’s going in Kashmir. Innocent people are being killed and honestly it’s just a sickening feeling to even think about what they are going through. Special prayers for Kashmir and Palestine. I hope there will be an end to their suffering and there will be a proper solution very soon.
May Allah help us all.

Love and light always!💗

Things to keep in mind if you are a struggling blogger + My second blogiversary!!!

My blog turned Two. Yes that’s the news. And I don’t even know what to do. I mean I have been blogging since two years and I am happy that my blog grew into what it is today with all your support. Thank you for playing an important role and being such a great support. Thank you for sticking by. It really means alot. Please continue to give feedback through email like you always do. I don’t know what else to say, I am just happy. Celebrating it with eating this yummy 🍩

So some of you asked me to give tips regarding blogging which I still think I am not someone who is pro at blogging so I never consider myself giving tips to you guys who are doing way better than me. I still have to do so much but I wanted to write about this specific issue that now a days is very much neglected and because of that I think the image of blogging is ruined. So consider it as a tip and read what I am going to say because trust me it will help you alot. I got questions through email last week that how can I become successful blogger and how to start a blog.

There’s no magic formula to it but one thing that you should keep in your mind is your purpose and Authenticity.

Being authentic in what you do is so so important and this is what is being neglected now adays. Firstly you are not a blogger if you do not have your own blog (not talking about Instagram), secondly you can’t be a blogger by copying posts of other bloggers and thirdly you can’t call yourself a blogger if you are only posting PR stuff and demanding brands for PR. I have seen all of this and it’s just sad to even think about how people are losing their purpose. It’s just sad to see that the most important aspect of blogging being ignored on such a major level.

I started blogging two years ago, basically made account three years ago and I took a whole year to decide whether should I do it or not. Now I see bloggers everywhere, you open Instagram and every other person claims to be a blogger. Not that I am criticizing it, I Know many people are passionate about it but when I say ‘many’, I am not talking about ALL. You get me? I see so many bloggers copying posts from others bloggers without even realizing that this is not how you do it, it’s completely wrong. Plagiarism is such an important issue that many of them aren’t aware of or maybe they are but they don’t care. Trust me when I am writing this, all I can think of is that how these people are actually making this field so fake and oh that’s another issue. Not only copying others stuff, they also misguide their audience. I personally know few bloggers who post amazing reviews without even trying those products/restaurants etc or for the sake of money and PR. Talking about PR, it is not why you should start a blog. Please get this that Blogging is not about getting PR and it never will. If you think you blog just to get PR from big brands then you need to build an audience and for that you’ll have to be authentic and post authentic content that reflects who you are, that’ll drive audience to your blog. It’s so much time taking and you have to put alot of effort but trust me it’s not going to happen overnight. Not that easy. Also never lose your purpose. Never forget why you chose blogging, what you wanted to do because then you will be able to talk about things that your audience can connect to and they’ll start appreciating you. It’ll be worth it.

So as long as you are being authentic and not losing your purpose, you are doing amazing. Keep doing what you love and eventually you’ll get there. There’s lot waiting for you to explore in this field so donot give up yet. Sending lotsa love to all the struggling bloggers out there! 💗

Thank you for stopping by. Xoxo.

Slow down and enjoy life

Anyone else always worried and consumed by what comes next? This was my fear, the thought itself was so scary that I couldn’t even think about good things. This has been my constant battle. Not sure about rushing things but definitely it was about what will happen next. This is the reason I don’t post that much here as well as on Instagram because I feel like if I don’t want to do anything, I shouldn’t do it because this is my life and I need to decide what to do. I can’t do what other people are doing and I don’t want to rush things by writing about every trend you know. It’s completely ok if I don’t write about anything because as long as my mind is at peace, I am happy.
Now I see people who are constantly planning for a future, they aren’t even sure they will get. Rushing, racing, and competing against themselves and others. It’s something I wanted to talk about and I couldn’t think of a better time then this.
We all hope for better days, right? That someday our time will come, not today but maybe tomorrow. We’ll find our way. In that process we lose ourselves, we constantly fight a battle inside our head which shouldn’t be a battle in the first place but because we are so occupied by our thoughts, we can’t even think about anything else. We want to do several things at a time which is not possible. Everything will happen on the right time and that right time will come but we actually have to slow down and just flow with what universe is offering to us. After putting alot of effort and thoughts into it, I realized that I need to abandon my fears of missing out, losing and being left behind. There’s no deadline to meet in life, nothing to do or complete at a certain time. They say with time you get to see what you are looking for then why we want to see that time to come early? It just drains all the energy and there will be no peace of mind as your mind is processing too fast, wanting to complete things too fast and being a complete mess. Slow down and enjoy life as it is. Do not try to make things complicated by just jumping from one thing to another and trying to be a Robot because it’ll not be worth it. So what if you didn’t do that internship because you just wanted to be at home. So what if you missed an opportunity because it didn’t feel right. So what if you are not doing what others are doing. It doesn’t matter because what matters is your peace of mind. I am a lazy person but sometimes doing different things at a time is overwhelming but then I have to remind myself again to not fall into that destructive cycle. Just remind yourself that If I don’t relax right now, and give in to this rush and worry, I will always fall back into this destructive cycle. And every time, this negative cycle will repeat itself a little worse than the last time. And a little faster than the one before.
So that, eventually, I will be living my whole life in a state of stress and hurry, not being able to relax anymore. Always worrying about one thing or another. I don’t think any of us would want our family to remember us as always being too busy for them. So, let’s try to live out a more intentional life. Let’s savor the moments as they come knowing that everything else will be taken care of in due time.

I hope you aren’t held back because of a number. And that you don’t rush into things because it feels like time is slipping by. I hope you do what’s right for you. Hold on. Slow down. And breathe in. Your age is your age. But more importantly, your life is your life. Don’t change your journey so that it matches someone else’s. We need to walk different paths so that the whole world can be explored. Revel in the differences. And enjoy where you are.

Thank you for stopping by. Xoxo

Instagram and blogging – Turning into a chaotic world!

Mostly, I thought going off social platforms would be a relief. Checking the river of posts was a chore. I want to focus on blog more than Instagram so these days I am writing so much for my blog, for magazines and other blogs as well. I post once a week on Instagram if I want to, not a compulsion because I realize that now adays you come to see a completely different world on Instagram curated by bloggers who are just in the race of getting PR-that is Fake world and I chose not to be a part of it because I enjoy blogging and I don’t want it to become a burden for me, you get me right?
Organically, I started shifting my attention toward content and experiences that provided more substance. Wasn’t there more to life than sitting around scrolling through #ads and #ootds? It’s getting boring because every other blogger is doing the same, nothing different so it’s better to not do the same and be who you are. Do what you want to do. I feel like if you don’t want to post on Instagram, it’s your choice and you shouldn’t. And I also think it’s great to not let that negative element consume you in a way that will feel like a burden or a necessity. I discovered that internal validation through personal successes is more meaningful than external validation through likes and comments. When you don’t let that control you, you realize that there’s so much more you can do. Focus on from where it all started which is writing. I donot envy the glamorous lives of Instagram influencers jetting around the world with their stacks of suitcases packed to the brim with designer clothing ready to shoot the perfect sponsored post in front of the Fontana di Trevi or the Taj Mahal. My focus shifted to substance, not imagery; it shifted outward.
The days of social media, which initially empowered anyone to create content, has largely been replaced by monetizing and advertising structures that leave very little authenticity in the everyday images we consume. I’ve experienced firsthand the absurdity of social media influencers posing for photos for Instagram in cafes. I’ve walked past fashion bloggers posing in streets mostly for a paid partnership with a brand. I am not saying it’s extremely wrong, all I am trying to say is that How does it shape the content we consume?
If you have a big following whether you bought it or not but mostly are bought because you can’t just get 100k followers in a week, you are a blogger no matter how much pathetic and copied your content is and on the other hand if you have 1k following and your content is freaking amazing, you are not a blogger. What is this? Who decided this criteria? As far as I know this wasn’t the case few years ago but now it’s a game of followers and I don’t want to get trapped in it. Stina Sanders, an influencer who lost thousands of followers after posting honest #unfiltered images, can also connect social media to her struggles with anxiety. “I know from my experience I can get FOMO when I see my friend’s photos of a party that I didn’t go to, and this, in turn, can make me feel quite lonely and anxious. On the other hand, if I’m feeling great in myself, I’ve noticed that I don’t get as anxious when I’m on social media,” she told The Independent. “So personally I don’t think social media causes anxiety but I do believe it can play a big part in heightening your feelings.”
See she started posting unfiltered photos and suddenly she lost followers because we see filtered photos each day and we consume that on daily basis and when somebody posts a photo without any filter, we don’t like it because it’s not how we have been trained to see people but I guess it’s more beautiful, it will always be beautiful. I want to see more real content on my feed than the same copied content by every other blogger. That’s bizarre!

Isn’t this all turning into a chaotic world? Let’s just assume that I want to buy a make-up product so based on a recommendation of blogger I am going to buy a high end product which will cost me so much and when I decide to buy it, I see some other blogger going against it and telling me not to buy it. Now I will be confused and won’t know what to do. To buy it or not to buy it? And after battling this, I would want to go with what I want. Similarly is the case with food blogging, you go and try a place on recommendation of a blogger and you hate what you got to eat because it was a paid post and food to them was presented differently. What? Yes this is what chaos is.

We’ve created filters through which others see our lives—making many anxious and miserable in the process. We talk about branding ourselves—all the while further inflating our egos. We strive for authenticity while drowning in sameness. We claim social connectivity while increasingly struggling to stay present. I’m conscious we need to rethink our relationship with social media. Ultimately, I’m left with multiple questions and few answers, but I believe it’s a conversation worth having—one that might be best experienced in real life.

I chose not to play a part in spreading chaos all around and go with what I love posting about. I will do what I want. I don’t want to go with what’s in right now. I don’t want to fit in because I can’t no matter how much I’ll try. It’s just not my thing. So these days you’ll see me talking about life in general and these issues if I’ll be posting anything.

Share your views below. Why there’s so much chaos all around?

Thank you for stopping by. Xoxo

DIY Eatery – create your own food!

I am back with a food review after so long and this time I am going to review a cool restaurant located in Islamabad. So I went to try DIY eatery and as the name suggests it allows you to create your own burgers, salads, steaks and desserts and how cool is that. DIY your food. Also we placed our orders through a tablet that they provided. There are some pretty cool features on the app, from customization to nutrition facts about the items.

Coming to food, I love this bowl which included chicken chili dry, combo of Chinese rice and chowmien and finger fish. The taste was up to the mark. There are other options as well including Kung Pao chicken and beef too so you can choose whatever you like. Finger fish was an add on and you can choose wings, spring rolls instead of it. It costed Rs. 500 something.

They have also introduced lunch deals for Rs. 645 so we ordered one which included chicken parmesan pasta, mint margarita and a donut. Pasta was good but not too good so I wouldn’t recommend it because other good options are available like Tayto’s but I would definitely recommend you to try their Chinese bowls because I really liked everything and they are fulfilling as well in an economical price. 🍜🍝💛

The ambiance is pretty good too as you can see in the pictures.
Overall a good experience and also prices are not high so you can go check it out. Totally recommended place.

Thank you for stopping by. Xoxo

Eid Look book 2019 ✨

Hi guys. Today I am going to share what I wore on Eid. I know I know it’s kinda late but so many of you requested it so I had to do this. Eid is a huge deal for all of us! More importantly, Eid is actually a celebration of accomplishments and the blessings we have to be thankful for. It’s all about sharing happiness, spending time with your family and eating good food. So you have to get ready for it. Anyways I am just gonna put the pictures of outfits I wore on three days of Eid. I hope you all had an amazing and fun filled Eid, I ate too much and now I don’t know what to do. Lol. Also guess what? I didn’t wear the actual outfit that I bought just for Eid but it’s OKKKK.

This is the outfit that I wore on first day of Eid and it’s by Kayseria. I love this color and I have so many outfits in this color already but this one looked pretty descent.

On second day of Eid, I wore this outfit by Junaid Jamshed. I bought this shirt and paired it with white trouser and pink dupatta.

Eid is incomplete without henna.

Third day of Eid was all about napping and eating and I didn’t get ready. But this is the outfit that I made. It’s also by Kayseria and it looks more pretty in real.

So this is all about what I wore on Eid. I hope you enjoyed it. Next post will be up soon and that’ll be about vacations and what I am doing in these vacations so stay tuned 💚

Thank you for stopping by. Xoxo.

Eid Essentials!

Hi guys. Hope you all are doing well. Today I am going to share with you my Eid essentials. Ramadan has almost come to an end and it’s kind of a sinking feeling knowing that this blessed month is coming to an end because everything is so much better and at peace during this holy month. May Allah accept whatever little we did during this beautiful month and May Allah forgive our sins and guide us towards the right path. And with that I am excited too because like always Eid is something I look forward to, infact we all look forward to and there is so much excitement and happiness all around. Eid is just around the corner so I thought of sharing stuff that for me is essential for Eid and I have already bought all of it so let me show you what I am talking about.

So first has to be jhumkay. Now who doesn’t love these? I mean if you’re a desi at heart you must have a pair of these at least. I don’t wear too heavy or big ones but I am in love with the ones these that I bought last night from a local shop. Couldn’t take a picture because I don’t have time right now but those are similar to the ones in the picture above.

Next is chooriyan. No Eid look is complete without wearing some Bangles so I bought pink chooriyan because pink is the color of my outfit.

Next is khussas. Now these aren’t an essential to so many people because some people prefer wearing heels but since last year, I wore matching khussas on both eids so I decided to wear these this Eid too as I LOVE them and that’ll add an extra traditional touch you know.

Okay so coming to the makeup now. I don’t use foundation so BB cream by Garnier is an absolute savior. With that I apply an eyeliner, mascara that I am loving lately which is by essence, Blush, and a nice lipstick. I bought this liquid lipstick last night so I am going to wear it on Eid because I really like the shade.

That’s it. Oh also I don’t wear formal and heavy outfit on Eid so I am going to wear a simple lawn ka suit. 👗 I’ll be showing it to you guys on Eid day. I know some of you have asked me that from where I bought it, it’s from Kayseria but you’ll have to wait to see it 😝

Tell me in the comments below how are the preparations for Eid going? And share your Eid essentials with me.
I cannot wait to know. Comment comment.

Also Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating today. I wish you all have a great day full of fun and happiness 💗🎆🌙🎉